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Please Step Down, Governor Cuomo

For many of us, your daily briefings, Governor Cuomo, were a lifeline when the pandemic started. It was something to look forward to, to get you up in the morning when things were so bleak. You knew someone was fighting to give you as accurate, up to date information as was available.

I’ve read your book, ‘American Crisis’ and have admired your love for NY and our nation. I found your no-holds-barred insights into behind-the-scenes government decision making to be riveting, to say the least. Most of all I enjoyed how your love for your family shone through the pages as a common theme right across. I feel like every student of public policy needs to read your book to gain an understanding of how a true leader steps up to the plate and accomplishes a challenging job.

But it took very little time for my hero-worship to turn first into disbelief and then into disgust, as the waves of sexual misconduct allegations came pouring against you. Such behavior coming from the most powerful person in New York, often towards your own subordinates, is beyond deplorable. For a fan of your leadership, let me tell you how hard it was to digest the content of state attorney general Letitia James’ report. I can only salute the bravery of the women who chose to come forward with their accounts of inappropriate interactions. It’s not easy, Governor Cuomo. It’s not easy.

You’ve misused your position of authority. You’ve tainted the moral character of the NY state government. What’s worse, you’ve shown me my naïveté in admiring your governance, with little knowledge of the real you. If you have ever really cared for the people of NY and this country, please step down, Governor Cuomo. You’re the American Crisis.

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